05/17/2022 Masks are encouraged but, not required. Employees wear masks at their own discretion.

10/1/2021 Masks are Strongly Encouraged, are not required but are very much appreciated.   Employees are required to mask up.

8/2/2021 Due to the CDC listing Monroe county as an area of substantial Delta Covid-19 infection rate we are once again requiring all employees and customers regardless of vaccination status to please wear a mask while in our store.  Draft wall sampling is once again suspended. 

6/4/2021 We are happy to announce that all restrictions in NY have been lifted that would effect your shopping experience with us.  We are re-instituting Friday brewery events, classes and draft wall samples.  Mask wearing is optional currently.  If restrictions change we will update you.


 05/18/2021 Beer loving friends,

      We are excited to see some NY restrictions being lifted.  With new rules beginning tomorrow 5/19 we would like to take a moment to address how this will affect your visit to Aj’s Beer Warehouse.  First, we would like to say we love and respect all our customers.  We support you in your choice to love that IPA, get vaccinated, hate lactose, not get vaccinated, stouts for life, we even secretly love wine coolers.  That said there are some rules we must still follow and would ask your help in ensuring we can operate safely as we move towards the light at the end of the tunnel.  If you are fully vaccinated, you may, as of Wed 5/19 not wear a mask while shopping at Aj’s.  If you are UN-Vaccinated per CDC guidelines, you will still need to wear a mask while shopping in the store.  Please continue to be socially distanced while shopping vaccinated or not.  We are continuing our instore cleaning and sanitizing as if no rules have changed.  We are relying on the honor system.  However, if a customer is not following social distancing, or is displaying symptoms of a possible illness we may ask to see proof of vaccination.  All the staff at Aj’s will be following the same rules.  Vaccinated can be un-masked but un-vaccinated will remain masked.  Let’s all grab a great beverage tomorrow and cheers to some positive news for once.  What a beautiful week for some good!


11/25 we are only doing curbside for full pack and case orders.  We are no longer offering single beers via curbside.  There is still a $25 minimum


11/9 We are doing away with our home delivery service.  Currently you may shop instore with a mask on or do a curbside pickup. 


7/28 Covid update.  We are now refilling growlers from home.  Yay :) please make sure the growlers are clean.  We will not fill any growlers that aren't clean.  We will spray all growlers out, sprayer is sanitized after each use.  Employees as well will sanitize their hands before and after filling or wear gloves.  No samples at this time.


7/13/2020 Covid update.  We are changing our delivery to Tuesday - Friday only.  Orders must be called in by 145pm to go out for our 2pm delivery.  10 mile strict radius please, $25 minimum order with a $5 delivery fee.  For more delivery instruction please see the instruction section of this page,  Cheers

6/13/2020 Covid Updates..  

1.  All employee's continue to be temperature checked daily before working.

2.  No employee is aloud to work with any sickness.  Any sickness requires employee's to covid test negative and quarantine 14 days before returning to work.  Unless a doctor clears them.

3.  All high touch surfaces are cleaned and sanitized multiple times daily (door handles ect)

4.  We currently have no customer use restrooms.


6.  We are not doing draft wall refills at this time.  You may purchase new glass for a fill or a crowler.

7.  We are not doing draft wall samples at this time.

8.  We are taking can returns again.  All items must be fully clean and dry.  We will give you a box to place the cans in, and give you the number of returns to take to the register.  We will refuse any returns that do not follow our cleanliness policy.  Maximum return is 250.

9.  We are still offering curbside service as well as in store purchase.  Curbside directions are listed on this site.

10.  We are offering delivery, directions are also listed on this site.


5/15 Phase 1 update.  The store is fully open (we never closed).  You may come in and shop.  You must wear a face mask and social distance at least 6ft.  When paying do not touch our credit card machine, we will touch all the buttons for you.  Leave your carts and baskets at the front counter, we sanatize them after each use.  Please do not place money on our counters.  We are still offering curbside and delivery with the parameters listed below.  We are not taking any can or bottle returns.  We are only filling new glass and crowlers on the draft wall.  We can not refill any glass brought from home.  We are not doing draft samples right now.  No public restrooms are available all this time.  Stay safe friends...  All of this is being done to protect our employees and customers.  We fully plan to resume our normal operations as you know them when it's safe for us to do so!  


4/19/2020 In order to shop inside our store you MUST have a face covering on.  Thank you so much for helping us keep our customers and employees safe!  If you medically can not wear a mask call in a curbside or do delivery please.


4/18/2020 - We have placed curtains around our front counter area in an effort to keep our Aj's employees and customers safe.  Staff are all equipped with face coverings and are healthy.  We sanitize carts & baskets after each use so please leave them at the front counter area.   All door handles in the store are cleaned and sanitized often.  We are also asking customers to not touch our credit card pin pads.  Just inset the card without touching the pin pad we will hit all keys for you with your verification.  All costumers MUST wear a mask and social distance 6ft.  As always, thank you as we navigate these difficult times together....



Were Back! Delivery Delivery Delivery!!!!!!!


Guys We are ready to go for delivery with some tighter perimeters.  The current way to get us to deliver is:


1.  Call us at 585-424-2266 DO NOT EMAIL US at any email address.  Phones might be busy be patient.  

2. We will take orders daily from 10 am – 2 pm.  Our driver will leave the shop after the 2pm cut off and deliver to homes.  Be patient with the drivers.

3. Orders that come in after 2 pm will go out on the next day’s delivery run.  We will not be accepting orders after 7 pm.

4. There will be a $5 delivery charge.

5. Delivery minimum of $25

6. We will currently be able to deliver to a 10-mile radius.

7. When you call, we will take your information and fill the request in the order it was received.

8. If something is out of stock, we will call you back to reassess the order.

9. Once the order is filled, we will call you to do credit card payment.

10.  No delivery will be available Sunday due to our limited 11-4 hours...

Mask must be worn in the store at all times and 6ft social distancing maintained.


3/18/2020 Covid-19 Update. Guys we are sorry to say but with the latest mandate on the number of employees we are able to have in the building we can not continue delivery. We are however still open and still can do curbside pick up. Please please continue to call us and order! 585-424-2266


3/16/2010 Covid-19 Update

We at AJ’s Beer Warehouse are adapting our policies due to recent developments with COVID-19.  Beginning today Monday March 16 We will have the following new hours.  Our store will remain open :

Monday 10-8

Tuesday 10-8

Wednesday 10-8

Thursday 10-8

Friday 10-8

Saturday 10-8

Sunday 11-4

We will also be implementing curbside pickup and delivery for our customers beginning today. ($5 delivery fee will be included in your final total, Rochester &  10 mile surrounding area only, minimum order $25)  You may place an order by calling us at 585-424-2266.  Please see the beers we have available on this site and have your order list ready.  We will assemble your order and call you back for payment.  We CAN NOT go back and forth checking beers and prices for you with the current staffing.  We will only be accepting credit card payments for curbside and delivery.  The person placing the order must be the pickup person or must be the home receiver as we will be checking ID’s for age.  All customers must wear a mask and social distance at least 6 feet.


3/2020 Anyonee that purchased tickets to our Extreme Beer night on Tuesday 3/31 we will be postponing that class.  Have no fear the class will go on with a new tentative date of Tuesday 5/26.  If we must move the class again, we will notify you.  If you cannot make the new date, we will issue you store credit for your ticket value. 


3/2020 We want to say thank you to all our AJ’s families throughout this trying time.  Our new policies hopefully will keep our employee’s and customers safe while providing you all with some much-needed libation.   We will get through this together.  Thank you to everyone that supports us. Please wear a mask in the store at all times, we have sanatizer out for you to use, and social distance at least 6 ft.