The Store Is Still Fully Open!  You may still come in and buy beer.  But, for those of you that would be more comfortable with alternative shopping we have implemented curbside pickup.  You may place an order by calling us at 585-424-2266.  Please see the beers we have available via the pictures in our package inventory and what we post on social media as new arrivals (web site pictures are updated every Tuesday after our deliveries arrive). Have your order list ready.  We will assemble your order and call you back for payment.  We CAN NOT go back and forth checking beers and prices for you with the current staffing, you MUST know what you want.  We also will only be doing full packs not singles, as it takes to long to assemble.  If you need singles you will need to come in store.  We will only be accepting credit card payments for curbside.  The person placing the order must be the pickup person as we will be checking ID’s for age.  Please be patient with the phone.  We only have one line.  You will get through eventually.  DO NOT face book message us orders.  Thank you everyone for your continued support during this very difficult time.  

For Curbside:

Please give us at least 30-45 minutes notice before your intended pick up time

Minimum order $25

Orders will be taken until 7pm daily 3pm on Sunday

Pick up must be done by 7:45pm daily 3:45pm on Sunday

When you arrive for your pick up call us at 424-2266 or 360-4718 and we will bring your order to your car.  Have your ID ready to show through the window as we will be proofing.