** Due to Covid kegs have become hard to get.  With commerical restaurants and bars closed or with limited seating breweries are focusing on package beer and not producing kegs.  We will however always strive to get you what we can, as soon as we can.  

** To order a keg give us a call at 585-424-2266.  Please give us at least 5 days notice.  Have a list of beers ready for us to check availability on.  

** $30 keg deposit (fully returned), $50 tap rental (45 returned), $10 tub rental $5 returned)

** 1/6 keg = 40 pints

    1/4 keg = 60 pints

    1/2 keg = 120 pints

The Kegs listed on this black board picture are in house, and available For Immediate Pick Up (First Come First Serve)