How To Order A Keg:

Keg ordering is easy!  Just give us a call.  You can order kegs that we have in stock, or we can work on ordering something from our distributors.  We just ask that you give us at least 5 days notice to get your party needs in.  Our in stock inventory is listed below.


Rentals Fee's & Deposits:

$30 keg deposit per keg (fully returned)

$50 tap rental fee per tap ($45 returned per tap)

$10 tub rental fee per tub ($5 returned per tub)

$520 two tap jockey Box rental fee ($430.00 returned)



Co2 Tank Swap - We DO NOT refill new Co2 tanks, 

We operate on a swap program for 5 pound co2 tanks.  We give you a filled tank for $20 plus tax. The tank you are swapping must be in operational order and be up to code with a current hydro test seal not more than 4.5 years old.  If your tank does not have a valid hydro test seal you will be charged an additional $15 for us to get it hydro tested.  We reserve the right to refuse swap if the tank is not up to code or in questionable condition.


** 1/6 keg = 40 pints

    1/4 keg = 60 pints

    1/2 keg = 120 pints


The Kegs listed below are currently in house, and available For Immediate Pick Up (First Come First Serve) List last updated 11/25/2022